Summary Telephone Advice £95

Expert legal advice for all motoring issues

Motor Lawyers will:
  • In advance of the call, review all documentation/evidence supplied*;
  • Allocate a 20-30 minute telephone call with a specialist experienced Motor Lawyer to discuss your case;
  • Within 24 hours of the call, supply a detailed email confirming the issues discussed, advice given and recommended action.

Subject to the course of action agreed, you will be offered the option to upgrade to a new service (less £95 credit), so only the balance is then payable.

* If you have more than 20 pages of evidence, dashcam footage, Police DVD evidence, or other items that you want reviewed, contact us to obtain a no obligation quote.

Summary Telephone Advice is recommended when:
  • You require an overview on the prospects of success;
  • There are specific points you wish to discuss in detail;
  • You need advice on whether to plead guilty or not guilty;
  • You need evidence reviewed for accuracy or errors;
  • You face a Police interview and need guidance in advance.