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Motor Lawyers

Motor Lawyers is the legal advice service specifically for the motorist. Staffed by experienced motor specialists, we deal only in road traffic issues. From a speeding offence to a fatal accident, from a TS10 to construction and use contraventions, we cover all aspects of motoring law.

Whatever vehicle you drive or ride, be it professionally or for social purposes, Motor Lawyers will resolve your motoring issue with clear, straightforward advice and a proactive approach, whilst offering a value for money service.

Specialist Legal Advice & Services

Prompt professional advice for a fixed fee that could save you both your licence and your money. Our expert services include:

Summary Telephone Advice

£40 + VAT
General Advice & Fixed Penalty Notices

20 minute fixed fee telephone appointment and follow up email clarifying issues, recommended action, prospects of success etc.

Suitable for clarifying allegations, evidence review, potential plea, prospects of success and general advice on any aspect of motoring law.

If you need further assistance, we will offer you the option to upgrade to a further service and will credit this initial fee against the cost of any upgrade.

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Letter of Mitigation

£125 + VAT
All Magistrates' Court offences where a personal attendance is not required

Written guilty plea when no personal attendance is required. Motor Lawyers will discuss the case with you fully and prepare a bespoke letter of mitigation to minimise the penalty/fine. This is the easiest and most cost effective way to resolve a case if you intend to plead guilty.

Letters can normally be supplied within 48 hours of the discussion.

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Self Representation

From £295 + VAT
Guilty Pleas on any Magistrates' Court Summons / Requisition

Detailed discussion/case review, tailor made script and full guidance to give the best prospects of success for a personal attendance on a guilty plea in the Magistrates Court.

If you are willing to represent yourself on a mandatory court appearance, for example you face a disqualification of any sort, this service provides everything you need to present your case with confidence.

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Barrister Representation

From £295 + VAT *
Guilty Pleas on any Magistrates' Court Summons / Requisition

Comprehensive preparation and representation of guilty pleas where a personal Court attendance is demanded.

If you require the assurance of professional representation at Court, Motor Lawyers will fully prepare your case, liaise with the Court, instruct and brief a specialist Barrister to represent you at the hearing.

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Not Guilty/Newton Hearing

£40 + VAT
Summary Telephone Advice

If you wish to plead not guilty or challenge specific aspects of the allegation (Newton hearing), Motor Lawyers can fully prepare your case and arrange specialist representation.

Before committing to a not guilty/Newton trial, prompt assistance can clarify whether your intended plea is viable. To establish the merits of the allegation, prospects of success and the best course of action, Motor Lawyers will discuss the case with you and consider available evidence via the Summary Advice service. We can then provide a detailed review and a realistic appraisal of the prospects of success. We will also quote for preparation / representation and credit the initial fee against any further service.

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