With effect from 16 August 2013

Motoring Offence Prison Fine Driving Ban Points
Causing death by dangerous driving* 14 years Unlimited Obligatory. Min 2 years compulsory re–test 3–11**
Dangerous driving* 2 years Unlimited Obligatory.
Compulsory re–test
Causing death by careless driving under the influence of drink or drugs 14 years Unlimited Obligatory
Min 2 years
Careless driving, inconsiderate driving, driving without due care, driving without due care and attention £5,000
FPN: £100
Discretionary 3–9
Driving while unfit through drink or drugs or with excess alcohol; or failing to provide a specimen for analysis
6 months £5,000 Obligatory 3–11**
Failing to stop after an accident or failing to report an accident 6 months £5,000 Discretionary 5–10
Driving whilst disqualified 6 months
Scotland: 12
£5,000 Discretionary 6
Driving after refusal or revocation of licence on medical grounds 6 months £5,000 Discretionary 3–6
Driving without insurance £5,000
FPN: £300
Discretionary 6–8
FPN: 6
Driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence 3–6 months £1,000 Discretionary 3–6
Failing to comply with motorway restrictions £1,000
FPN: £100
Discretionary 3
Traffic light offences £1,000
FPN: £100
Discretionary 3
Speeding £1,000 £2,500†
FPN: £100
Discretionary 3–6
FPN: 3
Traffic light offences £1,000
FPN: £100
Discretionary 3
No MOT Certificate £1,000
Seat belt offences £500
FPN: £100
Failing to identify driver of vehicle £1,000
FPN: 200
Discretionary 6
Using hand–held mobile phone £1,000
FPN: £200

* Where a court disqualifies a person on conviction for one of these offences, it must order an extended re–test. The courts also have discretion to order a re–test for any other offence which carries penalty points: an extended re–test where disqualification is obligatory, and an ordinary test where disqualification is not obligatory.
** If exceptionally not disqualified.
†† If driving a bus, coach or heavy goods vehicle.
FPN Fixed Penalty Notice.